Donate Today To Lay the Roots for a Better Central Texas

Donate Today To Lay the Roots for a Better Central Texas image

Together, we can use the power of soccer to help communities thrive -- physically socially and emotionally.

Austin often tops the list of best places to live in America. But many of our residents are falling behind.

4ATX Foundation, the nonprofit arm of Austin FC, is laying the roots for a better Central Texas.

Soccer is the most inclusive sport in the world. One soccer ball has the power to bridge differences, connect people, and get them moving. That’s why we are on a mission to use the power of soccer to build physically, socially, and emotionally healthy communities.

We get people playing by providing soccer scholarships and donating equipment. We restore and build new verde soccer pitches, creating safe spaces for families to connect and be active right in their own communities. And to strengthen our communities for years to come, we are building the next generation of leaders through Verde Leaders, a positive youth development program that uses soccer to empower underprivileged students to find success on the soccer pitch, in the classroom, and in life.

  • 3,100+ people served
  • 56 zip codes across Central Texas
  • 8,800+ hours of programming
  • $185,000+ invested back in Central Texas soccer pitches
  • 1,460+ hours of safe after-dark play

It starts with one opportunity to begin playing.

Make a donation today to help build an accessible, healthy and unified Central Texas community.

$30 – Equip a student with a soccer ball and cones

$50 – Provide three students with transportation to soccer camp

$100 – Send a student to participate in a leadership summit

$300 – Help a community restore a soccer goal with a brand new Verde net

$600 – Enable a student to participate in Verde Leaders for free for an entire year

$1,000 – Give a young child the opportunity to play club soccer for one year

$2,000 – Support a college scholarship for a standout student-athlete

$5,000 – Help a low-income community maintain a mini-pitch for 5 years

4ATX Foundation is a tax-exempt nonprofit organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. EIN: 83-4164008